The purpose of this policy is to communicate McDonald's expectations to all employees with regards to the use of social media, whether that use is work related or not.

Social media is an important communication channel, giving users the opportunity to create, share or consume content. McDonald's recognises the value of social media to:

From time to time McDonald's Australia may update, revise or rescind this policy.


This policy applies to all McDonald's employees, contractors, franchisees and franchisee employees working either in corporate office or field operations. From time to time McDonald's may update, revise or rescind this policy.

This policy applies to employee's use of social media in both a professional and private capacity. By this McDonald's means:

What is Social Media?

Social Media may include (although is not limited to):

Authorisation and Moderation

Before engaging in social media as a representative of McDonald's, you must become authorised to comment. You must not comment as a representative of McDonald's unless you are authorised to do so.

Only the members of the Corporate Communications and Digital Manager team or anyone that has been authorised by the Corporate Communications team are able to engage in social media as a representative of McDonald's.


You are personally responsible for the content you publish in a personal capacity on any social media platform and must not use social media to undermine the goodwill, reputation, development and or operation of McDonald's its people, products or services and/or any other business related organisations (such as our suppliers or franchisees).

What You Need To Do?

McDonald's reserves the right to request that certain subjects are avoided, and request that employees withdraw certain posts and remove inappropriate comments as a result of private use of social media.


McDonald's has the right to monitor all communications transmitted by, to, or stored on all electronic communication tools (such as computer systems and networks, emails, internet access, mobile communication devices) provided by McDonald's for work use, including whenever you participate in social media professionally or privately.


The following examples are for guidance only and demonstrate some of the ways in which this policy may apply.

  1. Michael has completed a drive thru shift with a perfect car count. Michael is proud of himself and his team and wants to post about this success on his personal Facebook page, in a group created for employees of the McDonald's restaurant where he works. He also wants to upload a screenshot or photo of the drive thru results. Although Michael is engaging in private use of Facebook, given he is referring to his work at McDonalds. Therefore, this social media policy, and all other relevant McDonald's policies apply and Michael must comply with them. For example, Michael must not disclose any confidential information, including screen shots and photos of in-restaurant technology systems.
  2. Kate is a corporate employee that has seen a funny picture on the internet about working at McDonald's, which includes the McDonald's logo. She thinks her colleagues will also find the picture funny, and wants to post it on her Twitter profile and Facebook page. Although Kate is engaging in private use of Facebook, this social media policy, and all other relevant McDonald's policies apply and she must comply with them. Kate should not publish the picture on her Facebook page or 'tweet' it, as it many contain material which could damage the McDonald's brand. Kate must also be aware that she cannot use the McDonald's logo without permission.
  3. Jeff is communicating with Shaun on Facebook and they are discussing their next shift at McDonald's. Although Jeff and Shaun are engaging in private use of Facebook, because they are referring to their work at McDonalds this social media policy, and all other relevant McDonald's policies apply and they must comply with them.
  4. Stephanie is a crew member that has heard that a new chicken burger is launching at McDonald's in one month's time. She is really excited and wants to tell her followers on Twitter about the new burger before the launch date. Although Stephanie is engaging in private use of Twitter, this social media policy, and all other relevant McDonald's policies apply and she must comply with them. Stephanie should not discuss the new product until after the launch date.
  5. Courtney and Wendy are crew members on shift together and they get into an argument about a procedure. Later that day, Courtney logs into her Facebook account and posts a derogatory status update calling Wendy a racist name. Although Courtney is using her private Facebook account, this policy applies. Courtney's behavior is contrary to McDonald's Respectful Workplace Policy, as discrimination is unacceptable conduct.


Breaches of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including the termination of employment.

Employees who breach applicable laws and regulations may also be personally liable.

If you become aware of any inappropriate use of social media, please contact a member of the Corporate Communications Team or in an emergency call the Mac Hotline on 1800 810 377.


This policy does not form part of any contract of employment and is not intended to give rise to contractual rights against the Company.

Policy changes
  • To be approved by Chief Restaurant Support Officer
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